Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Columbia


For years, I have actually been witness to the raising schedule of medicines to teenagers in the United States I have actually broadcast and also in print asking for parents to be extra aware of substance abuse as well as the threats that can develop from it.

We have actually seen various clinical studies that highlight the physical damage– both to our brain and to our cardiovascular system– from substance abuse. Inning accordance with a study from the Centers for Disease Control and also Avoidance in September, fatalities from medicine overdose as well as abuse now exceed fatalities from motor vehicle accidents in the United States. The data exposed the first time that medications surpassed automobile crashes as one of the leading causes of fatality considering that the government initially started tracking drug-related fatalities in 1979.

These facts likewise revealed the ever-growing trend of drug abuse among American grownups, as well as extra importantly, teens.

According to reports, teenager drug abuse has actually gotten on the rise over the previous years. A record released Wednesday by The Partnership at Drugfree.org showed that “heavy” marijuana use amongst teenagers is up 80 percent, with one in 10 teenagers reporting that they utilize the drug at least 20 times a month.

A a lot more disturbing pattern is the surge of prescription drug abuse. According to the National Institute on Substance abuse, prescription and over the counter medications are a few of the most typically abused medicines by secondary school seniors. A study of teenagers by the CDC in 2009 found that one in 5 teens had actually taken prescription medicines without a doctor’s prescription.

Several of one of the most frequently over used prescription medicines include pain killers, with over 5.1 million people taking them non-medically in 2010. According to the National Information Center for Pain Medicine Dependency, over 40 million painkiller prescriptions were given in 1991. That number jumped to over 200 million in 2009. That is a massive amount of medicines for a country of just over 300 million individuals.

The factor for every one of this misuse: We’ve come to be too relaxed on the flow of these drugs.

Let me inform you a story that happened to me recently.

Numerous months earlier, I began to get call from a significant pharmacy chain asking me for my approval for a medicine prescription. Inning accordance with this pharmacologist, it was the third time I had actually employed a prescription for this medicine that week, and also they needed to confirm it.

To my shock, this prescription was contacted an individual I had actually never ever come across in the past. It was a male’s name, which was a lot more dubious since I am a gynecologist and also do not deal with males.

When I asked the pharmacist why I was not notified faster about this pain reliever prescription, he informed me they did not need to notify me. It shows up that anybody with the ideal ID numbers can get in touch with the phone posing my identity as well as can get any of these narcotics over the phone.

When I called the drug store board of the state, they agreed that there’s no device of checks and also balances when it pertains to prescriptions filled up over the phone as long as the information provided is right. So it seems that doctor identification lives and also well.